Representing Yourself in General Sessions

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Pro Se Guide: Representing Yourself in Court

Dress Codes for Going to Court

Quiz: Should You Represent Yourself?


Filing a Lawsuit (Videos)

Filing a Lawsuit  

Presentando Una Demanda 


What to Expect in General Sessions (Booklets)

Introduction to Tennessee General Court Sessions

Overview of General Sessions Court Case

General Sessions Court: Advice for Persons Who Want to Represent Themselves

Common Mistakes In Representing Yourself

No Lawyer? You can speak for yourself in General Sessions Court

Representing Yourself in General Sessions Court


What to Expect in General Sessions (Videos)

Getting Ready for a General Sessions Civil Court Case

Preparing for Your Day in Court 

Preparándose Para Su Día de Corte 


After a Lawsuit

Collecting a Judgment

Protect Your Property: Affidavit of Exemption


Finding Representation or Legal Help

Memphis Area Legal Services: Attorney of the Day Project

Volunteer attorneys meet with litigants at the Courthouse one afternoon a week to provide help and make referrals.   Every Thursday starting at 1:30 PM in room 134 of the Shelby County Courthouse, volunteer attorneys meet with walk-in clients and provide advice, counsel, referrals and sometimes extended services if needed.  Paralegals and students provide supportive services at this clinic.

TN Free Legal Answers

Volunteer Lawyers Who Will Answer Questions for Free Online

Statewide Directory

Directory of Legal Aid Attorneys and Other Agencies by County or Zip Code


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Representing Yourself in General Sessions

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