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  1. Keeping Your Medical Records Private

    Below you will find links to resources that provide information on how to keep your medical records private. You can also find information on how to seek aid from a lawyer, if needed.  National Your Health Information Is Protected By Federal Law This reso ...
  2. Recent Updates to Veterans' Benefit Programs- HELP4TN Blog

    In October 2018, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a new rule that changes how veterans qualify for different need-based programs. The new rule changes requirements for a few programs that help veterans including the VA Pensions, the Aid and At ...
    Recent Updates to Veterans' Benefit Programs - HELP4TN Blog
  3. How to Find the Right Lawyer for You- HELP4TN Blog

    There may come a time when you need to find a lawyer to help you with a legal problem, such as a car accident, eviction, or order of protection. There are many different ways you can find a lawyer that is right for you if you're in need of legal help ...
    How to Find the Right Lawyer for You - HELP4TN Blog
  4. How A Legal Wellness Checkup Can Help You- HELP4TN Blog

      Do you know how to protect yourself from legal problems? In 2019, you can take charge of your legal wellness using HELP4TN’s free Legal Wellness Checkup. How Does the Legal Wellness Checkup Work? The Legal Wellness Checkup can help you learn your rights ...
    How A Legal Wellness Checkup Can Help You - HELP4TN Blog
  5. Introduction to Parent Custody Rights- HELP4TN Blog

    Generally, parents have the right to decide the care, custody and control of their own children. With that right comes the responsibility to support those children and raise them to adulthood. However, problems can arise if the parents do not agree about ...
    Introduction to Parent Custody Rights - HELP4TN Blog
  6. Grandparent Visitation Rights in Tennessee- HELP4TN Blog

    Tennessee law allows parents to decide who can and cannot see their children. Parents can even say that grandparents are not allowed to see the children, and the law says that is ok. Courts only grant legal visitation rights to grandparents in certain sit ...
    Grandparent Visitation Rights in Tennessee - HELP4TN Blog
  7. Renters' Rights in Tennessee: Utilities- HELP4TN Blog

    As the temperatures drop in the winter and become unpredictable in the spring, it is important to know your rights, responsibilities, and safety tips when it comes to your utilities and utility bill. “Utilities” can mean your light, heat, electricity, and ...
    Renters' Rights in Tennessee: Utilities - HELP4TN Blog
  8. Buying a Used Car at a Dealership- HELP4TN

    Before you step onto that used car lot, here are a few things you should know:   What does "AS IS" really mean? AS IS.   Those two little words carry a lot of weight.  If you buy a used car "AS IS" and it breaks down while you're ...
    Buying a Used Car at a Dealership - HELP4TN
  9. About Parenting Plans in Tennessee- HELP4TN Blog

    When married parents start the process of divorce or legal separation, a permanent parenting plan will be made a part of the final decree. Unmarried parents can also ask the courts to enact a parenting plan to divide the responsibilities and privileges of ...
    About Parenting Plans in Tennessee - HELP4TN Blog
  10. What You Need to Know Before Going to Court- HELP4TN Blog

      When you receive notice from court that you are being sued, or if you are suing someone else, going to court can be intimidating. You can use this guide to learn more about what to expect in court. Show up! Your court date and time will be printed on th ...
    What You Need to Know Before Going to Court- HELP4TN Blog