ETSU Sherrod Library

Sherrod Library of East Tennessee State University is both a depository and repository for several special collections relating to law and political science. The Government Documents, Law, and Maps department is the site of the ETSU/Washington County Cooperative Law Collection. This non-circulating collection contains approximately 16,000 volumes including codes (federal, state, local), digests, reports, legal encyclopedias, specialized treatises, and related legal reference materials. Sherrod Library has also been a federal selective depository of government documents for the 1st Congressional District of Tennessee since 1942 and a depository for Tennessee state documents since 1978.

In addition to our physical law collection, many of the newer legal resources are located only on the Internet. There are two legal online law databases available at Sherrod Library. Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw provide access to all fifty (50) state codes, legal reference materials, cases and legislation.

The Government Documents/Law Department DOES NOT give legal advice. Advising people what the law is, how it applies to their particular situation, interpreting the law, assistance in completing legal documents, and making referrals to a specific attorney constitute giving legal advice. We are not lawyers and are not authorized to practice law (Tenn. Code Ann 23-3-101 et. seq.; In re Rose, 314 B.R. 663 [Bankr. E.D. Tenn. 2004]). What library staff can do is provide assistance in identifying, locating, and using resources within the Law Library Collection.

There are many online resources available to the public which can be accessed from anywhere. Justice For All TN (Washington County)  is a good resource with links to the courts and resources for Washington County, TN. Legal Aid of East Tennessee provides civil legal representation for people cannot afford an attorney. Online TN Justice is a website where Tennesseans can ask a lawyer questions for help with a legal issue online (there are some income qualifications). Local Court Information for Washington County can be found on my Tennessee Courts. The Johnson City Website is an excellent resource that includes information about Johnson City Courts (including Juvenile Court and local ordinances). State Side Legal specializes in assisting veterans with a variety of legal issues. 



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Summer hours vary depending on the university Schedule

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