Orders of Protection

An Order of Protection is a paper signed by a judge to help protect you from harassment or abuse. You can find useful information about Orders of Protection in Tennessee below. Learn about getting an Order of Protection and what happens if you have one.

Legal Information (Booklets):

These booklets can help you learn about orders of protection in your area. Make sure you choose booklets that are for your county.

East Tennessee: Orders of Protection Information

Middle Tennessee: Orders of Protection Information

West Tennessee: Orders of Protection Information

Memphis Area: Orders of Protection Information


If your order of protection was filed out of state or if it was filed in Tennessee, but you are currently in another state, you can find information on how it will be affected below.

Using Out of State Orders of Protection in Tennessee

Using Tennessee Orders of Protection in Another State



Standard Court Forms for all of Tennessee

These forms are provided by the state. They can be filed in any county in Tennessee. If you need help filling out the forms, you can ask a lawyer in your area. 



These videos, provided by Legal Aid of East Tennessee, provide information on Orders of Protection in Tennessee.  You will learn what an Order of Protection is, how to get an OP, how to stay safe, preparing for court, and how to deal with violations of your OP. This information is available in both English and Spanish.

Part 1 - What is an Order of Protection?

Part 2 – How to Get an Order of Protection

Parte 2 - Como Obtener una Orden de Protección

Part 3 – How to Stay Safe Until Your Hearing

Parte 3 - Cómo Permanecer Fuera de Peligro Hasta Su Día de Audiencia

Part 4 – Preparing for Your Day in Court

Parte 4 - Cómo Prepararse Para Su Día En Corte

Part 5 – Violations of an Order of Protection

Parte 5 - Violaciones de una Orden de Protección

Legal Help or Representation

TN Free Legal Answers

If you are in Tennessee , the website, Free Legal Answers,  allows you to ask a lawyer for help with a legal issue at no cost.  It is fast and easy, and all you need is a computer. This is a FREE service for people who cannot afford a lawyer.

How it works:

  1. You will answer a few questions to see if you qualify for their service. If you qualify, you will have the option to create an account.
  2. If you qualify, you will then ask their volunteer attorneysyour non-criminal legal question.
  3. Once your question receives a response, you will get an email. You will need to sign into the website to read your response and ask any additional questions.

Visit https://tn.freelegalanswers.org/ to sign up.

Statewide Directory

The Statewide Directory provides information about Legal Aid Attorneys and other agencies by county in Tennessee.




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