Chat Bots for Family Law, Landlord-Tenant, and Workers Compensation

Need Legal Help?  Check Out Our Chat Bots!

We currently have three chat bots available for Tennesseans who are seeking legal information or would like help creating important legal forms.  Here’s what they can do for you:



Family Champion   

Filling out Tennessee’s free divorce forms can be a challenge.  Family Champion is a bot that can help you.  Family Champion turns the process into a straight forward interview.  The bot will ask you questions and you can either type your answers or speak to the bot.  After you’ve answered all of the bot’s questions, it will provide you with complete divorce forms that are ready to print. 

This chat bot can also help never married parents complete a parenting plan

Additionally, it can provide users with information about their rights in family law matters.




Renter Defender   

Our Renter Defender bot follows the same question and answer procedure to identify the users' specific landlord/tenant issue(s) and it directs the users to the necessary resources.  Those resources may include: information about evictions, help paying utility bills, or a letter to the landlord asking for needed repairs.




Workers Champion

Our Workers' Champion bot assists users throughout the claims process with the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

First, following the same question and answer procedure, the bot helps users to complete and file the Petition for Benefits Determination form to seek help from the Bureau.

Next, if the user and employer cannot resolve their dispute through mediation, the bot helps users to complete and file a Request for Expedited Hearing form.

Last, the bot helps users prepare a Causation Letter to their doctor asking them for evidence to prove that the injury, and any medical treatment, was caused by something that happened at work.

Posted: April 26, 2022