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How Can I Get or Give Power of Attorney for a Minor Child?


If a parent is unable to take care of their child for a period of time, Tennessee law allows them to temporarily give another adult the authority to do so.  This is done through a Power of Attorney for Care of a Minor Child. 


A parent can give someone power of attorney over their child when the parent is facing a hardship that prevents them from caring for their child.  Hardships include serious illness of a parent, incarceration of a parent, certain mental or physical conditions of the child or parent, or a natural disaster that results in the loss of the child’s home.  Other situations may qualify as a hardship as well. 


Free Online Form, No Court Dates


One key benefit of a power of attorney is that no one has to go to court.  Parent(s) or a guardian can find the free form here and simply fill it out.  The form must state the details of the hardship and be notarized or signed by two witnesses. 


Once completed, the caregiver is authorized to enroll the child in school, obtain medical treatment for the child, and provide for the child’s food, housing, recreation, and travel.  The parents can give the caregiver additional authority too. 


The parents or guardians can end a power of attorney at any time.  All the parent needs to do is put it in writing that they are terminating the power of attorney.  They may need to send a copy of this document to doctors or others who relied on the power of attorney to inform them that it has been terminated. 


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