Homeowner – Mortgage Default and Foreclosure

Information About Paying Mortgages

Mortgage Assistance Hotline: 1-855-876-7283

If you are having problems paying your mortgage or think you might have problems soon, you can get information about what help is available. 

US Making Homes Affordable Resource Page

This website can help you learn about buying and financing a home. You can also learn about getting mortgage help and how to protect yourself from scams. 

FTC: Money Matters for Homeowners and Home Buyers

This website can help you learn about protecting your money and making smart money decisions. You can use this website to get information on debt, mortgages, home shopping, and many other money questions. 


Information About Foreclosure

FTC: Tips for Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosure Scams

Un nota para los Dueños de Casa

Information About Foreclosure

Are you facing foreclosure? Do something before you lose your home!


About Foreclosure (Videos)

What Happens During a Foreclosure?

¿Qué Ocurre Durante una Ejecución Hipotecaria?

 Ways to Avoid Foreclosure and Keep Your Home 

Maneras de Evitar la Ejecución Hipotecaria y Quedarse con su Casa 

Ways to Avoid Foreclosure but NOT Keep Your Home 

Maneras de Evitar la Ejecución Hipotecaria pero NO Quedarse con su Casa 


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