Social Security Retirement & Survivors Benefits

Below you will find links to written information, forms, and also how to ask a lawyer a question and/or how to get a lawyer to represent you concerning social security. Some areas of the state have more information than others.  You may wish to look at information from other areas as well as your own.



What You Need To Know When You Get Retirement or Survivors Benefits


Retirement Planner: Getting Benefits While Working


How to Cope with Social Security Overpayments


Social Security Survivors Planner: If You Are the Survivor


Prepaid Debit Cards for Social Security and SSI Benefits



East Tennessee

Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number

Please note that the phone numbers listed may not be for your county. To call someone in YOUR county click the “FIND REPRESENTATION” link below.



Middle Tennessee

Does Social Security say they paid you too much money? They will take money out of each of your checks to pay it back You may be able to stop it.


Additional Resources

FORMS: Standard Court Forms for all of Tennessee



Volunteer Lawyers Who Will Answer Questions for Free Online


FIND REPRESENTATION: Directory of Legal Aid Attorneys and Other Agencies by County


Still need assistance? Please speak to a librarian at your local library – they may have additional resources to assist you.

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