Need help with Tenncare?

Below you will find a variety of resources and forms that provide helpful information on TennCare. You will also find details on how to seek assistance or aid from a lawyer, if necessary.

Legal Information:

Member and Applicant Information From TennCare

This link is for people who need help apply for TennCare or are looking for help completing a renewal packet. 


Need Help with TennCare?

Tennessee Justice Center provides free legal help to Tennesseans across the state. Their trained staff can help families get vital health care and nutrition benefits. They can help with many TennCare issues including: TennCare questions, TennCare enrollment or redetermination problems, delayed TennCare application, and more. They can also help answer questions about long-term care programs like TennCare CHOICES, ECF CHOICES,  or SNAP (food stamps).



Standard Court Forms for all of Tennessee

At this link, you can find approved court forms for all counties within Tennessee.


Legal Advice:

TN Free Legal Answers

If you are in Tennessee, the website, Free Legal Answers,  allows you to ask a lawyer for help with a legal issue at no cost.  It is fast and easy, and all you need is a computer. This is a FREE service for people who cannot afford a lawyer. 

How it works: 

  • You will answer a few questions to see if you qualify for their service. If you qualify, you will have the option to create an account.
  • If you are eligible, you will then ask their volunteer attorneys your non-criminal legal question.
  • Once your question receives a response, you will get an email. You will need to sign into the website to read your response and ask any additional questions.

Visit to sign up.



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