New and Used Cars

Below you will find links to resources that provide information about buying new and used cars in Tennessee. Additionally, you can find information on how to seek aid from a lawyer, if needed. Some areas of the state have more information than others.  You may wish to look at information from other areas in addition to your own.


Legal Information:

Buying a Used Car

If you are buying a used car, this information from the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands can help. Learn what to look out for when purchasing a used car along with what to do if you find a serious issue with the car after you've made a purchase.


The Tennessee Lemon Law

When a consumer pays for a new car, they can become frustrated when it has problems. Although requesting that the dealer or manufacturer repair the car may seem simple, sometimes consumers still encounter issues. They may be left with an un-repaired vehicle after several unsuccessful attempts to get the car fixed.  To help consumers with this problem, Tennessee has a Lemon Law to help protect consumers and inform them of their rights when dealing with new car repairs. Find more information from at the link above.


Legal Advice:

TN Free Legal Answers

If you are in Tennessee, the website, Free Legal Answers,  allows you to ask a lawyer for help with a legal issue at no cost.  It is fast and easy, and all you need is a computer. This is a FREE service for people who cannot afford a lawyer. 

How it works: 

  • You will answer a few questions to see if you qualify for their service. If you qualify, you will have the option to create an account.
  • If you are eligible, you can ask their volunteer attorneys a non-criminal legal question.
  • Once your question receives a response, you will get an email. You will need to sign into the website to read your response and ask any additional questions.

Visit to sign up.

Find Representation:

Statewide Directory

The Statewide Directory provides information regarding Legal Aid Attorneys and other agencies by county in Tennessee.

Still need assistance? Please speak to a librarian at your local library – they may have additional resources to assist you.



Standard Court Forms for all of Tennessee

This resource contains standard court forms for all of Tennessee that approved for all counties. If you need help filing one of these forms, you can ask a lawyer in your area.

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