Workers' Compensation

If you have been injured at work, this page can help you learn more about your rights and free resources. 


Workers Compensation Video Series

The following videos were put together by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation and Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services.  






Medical Records

Registros Médicos



Light Duty  

Trabaje con restricciones



Construction Workers

Contratistas, Subcontratistas y Empleados



Workers' Champion - The bot that helps you fill out workers’ compensation forms for free.  Here’s how:

If you have a workers' compensation case and need help filling out the Petition for Benefits Determination, the Affidavit, or the Request for Expedited Hearing, you can use Workers' Champion - the WC Bot to help you. Here's how to use the WC Bot.

  1.  Click here to create an account and get started. You will see a screen to either create an account or log in. If you have never used the WC Bot before, you need to make a log in using email and a password. You have to make an account to use the WC Bot. The account does not share any of your personal information. The account lets you log out and come back to the form when you need to. 
  2. After you create an account, you need to log in.
  3. When you log in, you will pick the form that you would like help with.
  4. You can answer the questions by typing or talking to the bot.
  5. If you need to pause and come back, that is ok. Make sure to log out. 
  6. Your personal information in the bot is not shared with anyone. 
  7.  Have more questions? Click here to learn more about getting set up with WC Bot.  


Bureau of Workers' Compensation

If you need help with your workers' compensation case, you can talk to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation Ombudsment to get information about the workers' compensation process. To learn more about the Bureau of Workers' Compensation you can visit their website or read our blog post about their resources. 

Here is the link to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation website. 

Guide to Workers' Compensation: Part 1

This HELP4TN Blog post can help you learn more about the workers' compensation process and what to expect if you are hurt at work. 

Free Help with Workers' Compensation Claims

This HELP4TN Blog post can help you learn more about the Ombudsment and Mediation programs from the state of Tennessee. 


If you have more questions about your rights at work, these pages may be helpful:

HELP4TN Employment and Unemployment Page 




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