What is Redetermination?

Redetermination is the process by which TennCare reviews the eligibility of its members. This allows TennCare to determine whether members are still eligible for coverage or if their coverage should be changed. 

How often will TennCare review my eligibility?

TennCare should redetermine the eligibility of its members once a year; however, TennCare may review your eligibility any time you report any changes or any time TennCare learns of any changes that may affect your eligibility.  This review is called an "ex parte" review, which means TennCare will review current records available to it through government and other sources with your records currently on file. 

What if I never received a renewal packet?

If you did not receive a renewal packet, TennCare may not have a current address for you. You can call and provide TennCare with a current address at (855) 259-0701. You can also renew your coverage online at by logging into your account and clicking "Renew my Coverage."

What do I do if I lost my renewal packet? 

If you lost your renewal packet, you can call TennCare at (855) 259-0701 to have them send you another one. You can also renew your coverage online at by logging into your account and clicking "Renew my Coverage."

How do I complete my renewal packet?

You should complete your renewal packet by following the instructions and answering the questions to the best of your ability. If you need help completing your packet, you can call TennCare at (855) 259-0701, or you can get help in person by visiting any DHS office in Tennessee. Follow the link to find your DHS office or visit our Resources page and search for your county.

Where else can I find information on completing my renewal packet?

For more information, click the links below: 

Do You Need Help With Your Renewal Packet? 

Renewal Packet Instruction Guide

Need Help With Renewal Packet?


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