Adult Day Care

What is adult day care?

Adult day care programs offer daytime services for impaired older adults. Most centers are open 8 to 10 hours per day on weekdays. Most centers help the senior remain living in the community at the highest level of independence possible. Participants can delay or avoid use of more costly in-home and nursing home care by using adult day care.

What services are provided by adult day care programs?

Usually, they provide health maintenance services, therapeutic activities, personal care, and emotional support. Seniors may benefit from this care if they are physically impaired, socially isolated, mentally confused, need personal care help, have limited ability to function independently in the community, or generally need supervision.

How do I pay for adult day care?

Participants usually pay with their own money, but some centers use sliding fee scales or offer scholarships for those who need financial assistance. Most long-term care insurance policies cover adult day care. Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for adult day care.

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