Bill Collectors

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Consumer Protection Agency:


Consumer Protection - Tennessee Attorney General's Office

"The Tennessee Attorney General's Office protects consumers and businesses from those who engage in unfair or deceptive business practices.  The office often pursues cases based on complaints received from consumers." "The Attorney General encourages consumers to report any business practice they believe is unfair or deceptive to the Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) in the Department of Commerce and Insurance. DCA serves as the central coordinating agency and clearinghouse for consumer complaints regarding unfair or deceptive acts or practices."  - Office of the Attorney General.


Legal Information:


Bill Collectors Worrying You?


Consumer Resources from West Tennessee Legal Services


Being Harrassed by Debt Collectors?


Help with Debt Relief Services - National Consumer Law Center


Consiga ayuda real, no promesas falsas, para sus problemas de deudas





Standard Court Forms for all of Tennessee





Are Bill Collectors Bugging You?


Coleccionistas De Deudas - ¿Le Están Molestando?Dip-Y



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