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How to Use Help4TN

Use this website to get information and help with civil legal questions. You can use the Help4TN website either at a local public library or on your own internet device (computer, smart phone, or tablet).

There are two ways to use this site:

  1. Search for a local library and go there for more help (librarians will be trained to help you use this website) or
  2. Use the Resources tab to get help on a certain legal issue.

The website will help you to learn about your issue and sometimes will even guide you in completing a legal form or advocating for yourself on an issue. It also has links to a free “ask a lawyer” site, and links to a “find representation page” for who to call if you need an attorney to represent you in your county.* If you have difficulty using the website on your own, your local librarian will be able to help you.

Unfortunately, there are not enough free attorneys to provide representation on every legal issue. But, not every legal issue requires the help of an attorney.

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